Valentines Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Every Valentines Day I make a tradition of making some chocolate fondue. It is super easy and oh so yummy and the kiddos look forward to this every single Valentines.

Yes you can go out and go to a fancy restaurant and order it but why not make it yourself! You can even add flavoring to the chocolate if you like by just adding the flavored chips to make it fancy. I have seen raspberry chips as well as mint. I was thinking a little butterscotch with some fancy sea salt on the side for after dipping would make a yummy chocolate salted caramel flavor!  We are traditionalists and pure smooth milk chocolate is the name of the game for us here.

Hope you have a Happy Valentines day and start a tradition.


(Bean at a 2 1/2 yrs. enjoying our Valentines Day fondue tradition)

Easy Valentines Chocolate fondue

Need to boil some water in a small pot, then when it is a small boil put a glass or metal bowl over the pot (instant double boiler).

Once the water boils and the bowl is in place:

put 8 oz of a good brand of heavy cream plus one bag of chocolate chips (or you can be fancy and rough chop chocolate of your choice approx.  11oz)

*DO NOT add anything with water into it! This will seize up the chocolate and it will be grainy and gross! BEWARE!!!

While the water is a slow nice boil below, keep mixing the chocolate and cream in the bowl it will eventually come together to a nice silky smooth yummy chocolate dip.

meanwhile either warm up your fondue pot, or gravy warmer ( I have a small tiny crock pot I use) and pour the mix into it.

You can use wood skewers, forks or fondue forks to use to dip and eat.

recommended yummy stuff to dip:




graham crackers

angel food cake




For more added fun in a bowl on the side to sprinkle on after dipping:

fine chop nuts


crushed graham crackers

fancy sea salt flakes

tiny chocolate chips


Momma Says: Let the kiddos be creative and have fun! Plus since its valentines day the calories wont stick (yea right, LOL)

Valentines Day Chocolate Fondue recipe

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