Cute Domo Bento

My kiddo asked “Momma can you make me a animal or fancy bento tomorrow”? I guess that was her way of saying step it up a bit Momma. I used to be more elaborate with my bentos and she would get more attention at lunch and lately though she said she loves them they were not a “fancy” one because she likes animals and faces and such.

To appease the little one today I made her a Cute Domo Bento. So I got up a little extra early and made her this cute bento.

Domo is a hot dog bun with a heart pick and cheese for face features, I colored his eyes with food color used like paint. His filling is the sloppy Joe leftovers from dinner, I placed the sloppy Joe mix in a silicon cup with cheese flower and the word DOMO in cheese on top (all cheese is dairy free and you can make this GF by using GF buns and making your own sloppy Joe sauce).

I also added kiwi and some flower picks into another silicon cup, there is blueberries on a leaf pick, meat flower. pea pods and a heart carrot with some small broccoli along Domo’s side. I think he is so cute and I know kiddo will too.

Momma Says: My kiddo is kinda shy and bento has helped her overcome some barriers by having a lunch that can open conversation with friends, LOVE IT….Food that helps the soul…

Cute Domo Bento

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  1. Sonoma Bento says:

    OH MY GOSH! This is so creative and a great way to make Domo. Hilarious, and I bet it was tasty too! And I am so glad that your child can open up a little with fun bento. YAY!

    • says:

      Thanks for the props :)
      My kiddo loved it and it got some kiddos talking. Bento is a blessing!

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