Fun Valentines Bento & Product Review: Funbites

I was very excited when I was asked by Funbites to review their product! Upon opening the package, one thing that came to mind was how this product would be so great for parents of kiddos, Because not only does it cut up food, but it makes it the perfect finger food size. 

 I love the design that there are no sharp edges so kiddos can have fun in the kitchen making food too! Plus you can get other fun shapes to boost the lunch time fun.

I think how Funbites can be used to cut up steamed veg slices, fruits, pancakes, the possibilities are endless!

 Hello, this would be great for those parties where you need to cut up tons of cheese and meats. How perfect all the little pieces will look on the platter. Move over Martha, LOL.

I thought how every kiddo gets a boring sandwich in their lunch and if you don’t have alot of time or energy to be creative in the morning how easy it would be to use Funbites to make a quick and fun to eat sandwich. Plus what kiddo does not like food on a stick, heck my big kiddo hubby still does (meat on a stick shish kabob he thinks is the best,LOL).

 Funbites is definatly on my “Momma must haves” list!

this all inspired my Fun valentines Bento for kiddos lunch today. I wanted to turn a plain PB& J into something fun.

 Ok we all love the PB&J, but seriously can be a bit of a bore. Why not add some fun and play with your food!







Now this is simple you just put Funbites cutter on top of the food and press. So simple any kiddo can do it!

Hey even my hubby can, well he would have to actually get off the couch and that is a different issue altogether…





OOHHH AAHHH, I know right!  Its just that simple! No knife, nothing sharp or dangerous for kiddos. Plus the base has a curve so you can rock it from side to side to make the perfect cut.






 I hear the “TA DA” in my head, this is way better than a ho hum sandwich. You got to admit you can probably do this with tuna and your kid would even eat it!







Now for my Fun Valentines Bento using Funbites!

I used the cute Funbites kabobs and put them into the lower level of a 2 tier bento box. On the top tier I added some leftover chicken with a pick heart, then separated that from the heart cut out cucumber with some cute flower bar-an separators. I also added some broccoli and rolled meat flowers along the top. Put some of kiddos fav blueberries into a heart shaped silicon cup and added a few carrot slices.

This really took maybe ten minutes to put together, thanks to Funbites.



Momma Says:  Funbites makes playing with food OK again!



Fun Valentines Bento

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