Little Love Bento

Well I am back from the hiatus I had taken. I am sorry about that.  But Momma is back and I am going to hopefully be back to making bentos and having some fun.

With that in mind I made a bento for my kiddo today WOOT WOOT! She will be so excited as this past month was some boring lunches.  Love is in the air and I of course had to make a lovin’ bento.

Todays Little Love Bento was a use of some cute little boxes I recieved from a friend (shout out Kendra) who luckily lives by a bento store. I however do not and I am extremely saddened by this SIGH… Anyways the little heart boxes are so cute I just had to use them, though lunch is not my usual grand adventure I know kiddo will still smile.

My kiddo is in a meat lovers stage again so I made her a sammi with meats and veggie slices cheese, I took a press and imprinted the words I love you  into sammi and added a heart pick.  In the second box I put some veg and her fav blueberries  along with a love bug pick. Who knew writing a love message on a banana would be so easy?  It does not smear or ruin the fruit and kiddo loves when I give her secret messages.

Momma Says; So even though it was quick and easy the little touches of love will make her happy and heck that is why I do this anyways…

Little Love Bento

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