Snowman Bento

With snow still on the ground here in the forest I made today’s bento another snowman. I just love snowman and wishing the snow will be sticky enough here to make one. We will have to try today after school. I even have a “snowman kit” I got a few years ago!

Back to my Snowman bento I had gone out to my now passed garden and actually found some baby carrots still there! The only thing is they are so small but perfect for bento! My Snowman is made of sticky rice (Annie Chun’sbrand) and has of course the cute tiny carrot, nori face details and a pick hat. Next to him are some orange slices and a green apple cut into a tree.  Other side of him are some meat and cheese (non dairy) rolls and some pea pods. In the container I have a small salad with a glove decoration and below is some GF soy sauce. This cute and fun lunch is GF and dairy free!

My kiddo had a peek today at her bento and I got the “aaaww he is so cute Momma, thanks”! So once again I know why I get up a little early and make her these bentos.  She will only be little for a while  SIGH…….

Momma Says: Tip- For quick rice balls to make use Annie Chun’s brand sticky rice. It is so quick and yummy my kiddo LOVES it and do to because it is so easy! I min in the microwave and done. Hello, LOVE THAT.

Snowman Bento

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