Cute Animal Bento


With everything going on here I had bento guilt and made sure kiddo got her bento. While I was making it she saw it and said Oh how cute and then put more picks. So with here in mind it has many animal picks today and that is so OK she made it her own now.  I wonder if she will get the bento bug and then start making her own bentos?  Who knows but it would be fun to include her plus all that matters is that she likes the bentos, so if kiddo wants alot of picks so be it.

Todays cute animals bento has bagel sandwiches with her many animal picks. There is a turkey flower in the corner with a bear popping out, Some carrots in the back, some orange slices in a silicon cup with a tent pick, below that is cut cucumbers.



Momma Says: Gotta love the picks they sure make a quick bento look cuter and so quick to put together.

Cute Animal Bento

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