Movie Review: Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue

What would you do if you met a fairy? Witness the historic moment when Tinker Bell first meets a human being, and it’s not who you think.

New to DVD by Disney is Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue.  As expected the animation is extremely well done.  In this sweet and lighthearted movie Tink and her friends from Pixi Hollow are at Fairy Camp  where all the fairies are busy painting stripes on bumble bee, designing butterfly wings, spinning Queen Ann’s lace and teaching crickets to sing. They are all fixing things up for Summer and getting ready when Tinker Bell sees something she has never seen before and decides to follow it and winds up by the home of humans, Lizzie and her scientist  father.  Her curiosity gets to her as she is amazed by a “horseless carriage” and she tinkers around with the engine parts at that time she sees the little girl named Lizzie, who believes in fairies even though her father tells her there is no such thing. Then Tink gets herself caught accidentally in a little house the girl made. A special bond is made with the lonely little girl and the adventure for them both starts. When the other fairies think Tink has been captured they ban together to save her.

Faith, trust and Pixi dust is the motto the fairies go by when things get rough. The antics are so cute on how the clever little fairies do things. My daughter would bust out in giggles throughout the movie. there wasn’t a moment when she did not sit there in full attention. “I wish I could fly, Momma, wouldn’t that be awesome?”

There is a touching ending with the girl and her father that makes for a heartwarming  film. This film is a definite addition to the Disney collection in my home. It will be a favorite for any Disney fan.


Momma says; How cool would it be if you had a fairy for a friend?

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