Zombie Bento

 Only a few days left for making spooky bento lunches for kiddo! This Halloween lunch is sure to please.

She had ribs for dinner with her daddy and PT (Grandpa) and there was leftovers. The whole time they were eating ribs (I dont eat ribs eeww) I was thinking they looked like zombies cause I just cannot stand the thought of eating ribs and my gross mind went there…

So anyways there were leftovers so I made the Zombie Bento for her, LOL she will love this one!

So besides the (shivering just thinking of it) RIBS with strategig places zombie hands pulling up from the meat, I put some mash potato with an eye ball on top, some fresh veg of carrot and broccoli as filler and a creepy pick in a kiwi. 

So for all you rib lovers out there dont hate me cause I hate ribs at least I still give them to my family when they beg like zombies for them, EWWWW still gives me the creeps though…

Momma Says: Get your zombie on and slather your ribs in red BBQ sauce it seems so perfect for  a Halloween meal.

Zombie Bento

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