Mummy Dog Bento

Everyone has made them, kiddos love them and they are perfect for Halloween… What am I talking of?  Well the wieners wrapped up in a biscuit of course. Too easy to make and even easier to make into MUMMIES.

I have a Halloween cookbook and I have seen these a million times before so I thought why not. Kiddo loves these too. the easy thing is to make sure you leave a “mummy face”  uncovered to add some eyes.  I used regular biscuit cut them in half because I was using mini dogs, kinda roll dough into a log and wrap as if your wrapping a mummy. Next time I would really roll out a thinner “snake” to make it more mummy looking. But I don’t think these will last long enough for the critique on my wrapping methods, LOL.

Along with my mini mummies I added some broccoli in between them and some carrot slices.  On the bottom a mini apple some Halloween fruit snacks and two cherry tomatoes.

Momma Says : When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.  Author Unknown

 Mummy dog bento


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  1. Liezl says:

    You have so many cute bento lunches!! Love them all. I’ve been meaning to try the mummy dogs too. Do you cook the hotdogs first and then wrap them then bake or do you just bake the hotdog with the wrap? Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Liezl

    • says:

      The mini dogs are already cooked, hot dogs are from what I understand cooked also. I used little smokies by Hillshire farm, they are already precooked. But the cooking in the oven does heat them through. We make them for fun time snacks even with big hot dogs I like to use Hebrew National, but another hot dog that is ORGANIC and good tasting is Applegate farms.

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