Spooky Bento

Halloween is just around the corner and now that were back home I am putting the Spooky Bento out for kiddo to have for lunch. 

Spooky Bento was made in a quick rush this morning so it is not as adventurous ans ones in the past, but I do need to go food shopping to have some space fillers.

For the Spooky Bento I used a ghost cookie cutter to make the sammi. I also added two blue glowing eyes to the ghost. Under that I had put champaign grapes with a ghost pick sitting with some carrot pumpkins. On the top I put a pumpkin marshmallow with a Halloween pick. Across I put a mini apple in a halloween cupcake holder and under that is some chips with a creepy hand.

Momma Says: With a few added items you can make a pretty boring lunch appear to be more exciting. If unsure where to get picks go to your local market in the bakery section, some store will sell them to you some wont so it doesnt hurt to ask.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Very spooky! I love it :D

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