Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) Bento


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 Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) Bento cutterA 300x252I want to gush about a great fun kitchen tool used for lunches and of course bento making! It is called CuteZcute and it makes fun cute food for your kiddos. I used it to make my kiddo breakfast and then her lunch bento cause she was so excited when she saw her breakfast. I got a big AWWW thanks Mom when she saw her Cute Piggy Breakfast.

Plus I liked that the stamp for the face detail is also a cutter so you can cut out meats or cheese like I did on the egg inside the cut out of the toast.

You can use to cut spaces in the bread so filling shows though a sandwich and the inside can be the face detail, the ideas are endlessly  flowing. It will be great go to item when I cannot think of what to make for lunch for my kiddo.

Plus it comes with so many different cute little faces to choose from, pig, cat, frog and panda bear.

For her lunch I used the panda and I know she will just love it.

Check out the website for cute ideas and how to’s  and a link to buy it on amazon

 Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) Bento Cutezcute 200x300 Here is her lunch I used the Cutezcute to make the GF pancake panda and filled the face detail with coco spread (Gf version of Nutella from trader joes)

I put sprinkles for blue in the eye and heart nose, next to her I rolled up some egg sheet and bacon. Below is a bottle of strawberry syrup with cut strawberries opposite some more pancake flowers and a little panda decoration.  My kiddo loves breakfast at lunch so this one will be a favorite of hers for sure.

 Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) Bento cutter3 300x200


 Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) Bento cutter1 243x300 Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) Bento cutter2 300x200


Momma Says: Lets face it (no pun intended) kiddos eat with their eyes, why not make it cute and fun to eat? Now go and secretly make yourself a cute little sandwich while the kiddos are at school, LOL!

Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) bento












 Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) Bento


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  1. JeeJee says:

    I really like GF pancake panda and filled the face detail with coco spread. Sound really yummy too.

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