Love Monster Bento

I am so gearing up for Halloween here but as it is not even October I could not start with spooky bentos. So I opted to make a Love Monster Bento for my kiddo.

We are using some gluten products lately as I am sure you can tell by my posts and I will say my kiddo mostly missed bread, alas she has Momma’s love of carbs, poor baby…

So now we have a love monster sammi, made of a bagel(you could still go GF with this) with turkey for hair and non dairy cheeses for teeth, eyes and heart (all stuck on with mayo). the eyes have a tooth pick drop of black food color in the center.  the monster tummy is a cucumber on top of some lettuce (both from our organic garden woo hoo) some baby carrot for arms. 

Opposite side has some rasberries and champaign grapes with a eyeball decoration, below that is a quail egg with an eye and mouth painted with black food coloring, it also has a heart pick on its head and is sitting on some greens inside a silicon cup. It is nestled next to some cherry tomatos (again from our organic garden) and a cookie cut in half to fill some space.

Momma Says: Packing a variety of mini fruits and veggies make it easier to add more color and gives a healthy variety for kiddos to eat.

Love Monster Bento

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  1. Jenn says:

    What a cute monster!!

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