Chicken Or The Egg Bento

I had to use these little eggs that I bought a bit ago so that is why I quickly put this Chicken or the egg bento together. I love asking my kiddo “which came first”?

I made the little chicks out of quail eggs from the Asian market. My kiddo LOVES them because she can just pop them in her mouth. I used a heart shaped sprinkle candy for the crown, some carrot for the beaks and colored the eyes using food color and a toothpick.

The chick eggs are sitting on some rice. Below them is a bit of granola, a tiny apply from our day at the farm, carrot sticks and a tiny bottle of GF soy. Opposite side has some strawberries with vanilla cream (holy yummy bought at Target by deli) with a strawberry pick. On the bottom is some grilled chicken.

This is basically left overs I used along with fresh fruit and veg. The only thing that took a few minutes was to cook eggs (3-5 min to cook) and quick decorate them. Quick and easy bento!

Eggs are easy to decorate with a little food coloring, plus kiddos love them and they are good for them too. Check out my other little egg bentos I did in the past  they are so cute ! ,

Momma Says: Eggs are good for you, new studies have shown this that you can safely consume 4 eggs a week. Even the cholesterol in eggs has shown to be lower than in the past. Plus all the vitamins it has and of course protein packed into a small 70 calorie food! If you just love eggs like I do and want more just pass on the yolks and enjoy your egg!

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