Bunny Birthday Bento

 Bunny Birthday Bento BunnyBirthday 300x263

Bunny Birthday Bento is another of the weeks birthday themed bentos. It is not a totally birthday looking bento but the bunny sammi has a little birthday hat on, so I will say it is birthday.

My kiddo loves bunnies and I have done a few bunnies in her bentos so this one is going to be a fav for sure. I made three little sammis and used a cookie press to indent the bread (they are also sold as sandwich press on bento sites). My kiddo loves little cute sammis and the bunny is sure to please along with the flower and butterfly.

Next to them I tucked in a few spirals of meat. In the silicon cups there is champaign grapes with a bunny pick sticking out and also cut up apple in the shape of flowers, fruit newton and meat flower witha blue center pick.

Momma Says: Quick and fun bento it literally took only a few minutes to make some fun for kiddos lunch. Cookie/sandwich press can turn a boring sammi into WOW in seconds.


 Bunny Birthday Bento


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