Birthday Breakfast

For my kiddo turning double digits (sniff sniff) I am making sure her morning is fun with a Birthday Breakfast. I used some of my bento gear to help decorate the special Birthday Breakfast and she loved it.

This Birthday Breakfast was made with pancakes and yes food coloring. You could use natural dyes if you  like and I have in the past I am just out.

So I made her Pancakes and it is easy to cut with a cookie cutter as I did.  I have these star cutters that are multiple sizes to make a star tree for Christmas, well I used random sizes to make my tower of stars pancakes.   I also added a candle made of licorice and two twisted fruit snacks of orange and yellow to make the flame of the candle. There is also a potato smiley face that is decorated with a hat pick and some more picks I use for bento scattered about. I would have added sprinkles but she is not a huge fan of sprinkles lately, she didn’t like the taste of sprinkles last time I used them?

By the “thumbs up” her usual signal for when she likes something, I know Momma did good on her special breakfast for her birthday.

Do you do anything special for birthday breakfast?  I have been doing this for a while since my older kiddo.  I love the shaggy hair and just woken up look on their faces. They are going to be some of those pics that I show their hubby’s one day, LOL!






Momma Says: Why not start the Birthday day when they get up, dont just celebrated at dinner with a cute cake make birthday the WHOLE day!

Birthday Breakfast


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  1. Jenn says:

    Super cute! What a fun birthday lunch :)

    • says:

      Thanks Jenn,
      Gotta make them while I can before its not cool anymore and she is too cool for Momma

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