Disney Movie Brave Bento & tutorial

My little one loved the movie Brave by Disney so since this week was special I made her a more special bento. I want to make this weeks bentos all themed about things she loves.  So Brave Bento was made.  We loved the Brave story about this rough and tumble girl, my kiddo totally felt akin to this movie because that is exactly how she is.

With the Brave Bento I made her out of dairy free cheese (Galaxy Rice slices Mozzarella flavor & Veggie slices Cheddar) and used food coloring to make her eye color, mouth and the word BRAVE, behind her eyes is nor for outline. The sammi is underneath her with some meat in the bread. Next to her I brought the 3 little brother bears by using some cookies with a bear printed on them (from the Asian market), 3 apple slices with 3 little bear picks. On the bottom I put some mini grapes and a bear paw decoration.

To make the Merida’s face out of cheese I made a tutorial below to show you just what I did.

Disney Brave Merida face tutorial

You will need two different color cheeses, black , blue and green food coloring and nori

 First step is to trace the face onto the outside of lighter cheese wrapper.  Remove wrapper from cheese, trace design (or if your good at freehand just go for it on without removing the cheese) Then  put the wrapper back onto cheese.





Using a tooth pick press around design to outline,this outline will help you to cut out design. Then open cheese wrapper and use pick or knife to cut out image. You can check your work to see if it matches up by placing the cheese wrapper back over.







Now on the orange cheese trace design including her hair and again using pick to trace impression  into cheese and then cut it out like in previous step.








Place hair over face and you can then use scraps of cheese to add dimension to hair. Then you can start decorating the face.

Use the cheese wrapper for a template if you need for face. I used black food color paste and a fine brush to paint on the nose and mouth.  You can also cut it with scissors out of nori, but I found it easier to paint on. Just don’t make it too watery more pastie so it doesn’t run on the cheese.



I used nori to back the eye circle made of cheese and then used food color to paint her eye color. 






Use cheese to make eyebrows and to assemble parts so they stick you can use mayonnaise as a glue ( I would not use mustard or anything with color as it could bleed and ruin design).

I also freehanded painted with food color the word BRAVE onto a piece of cheese. 

Added some fun extras and then she is complete and ready to make your kiddos lunch exciting and fun to eat.


Momma Says: Cheese is the perfect canvas to create some food art, you can cut it up or just use food color as paint. The ideas are endless and kiddos love it.

Disney Brave Bento

Disney Brave cheese tutorial


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6 Responses
  1. Dina says:

    Amazing! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathy says:

    Wow! So wonderful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. I imagine you could do this with plastic wrap or parchment paper if you wanted to use a different kind of cheese too!

    • MommaSays.net says:

      Yea that would work also, I just used the film from the original cheese wrappers. Thanks for your comment :)

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