How To Clean Stainless Steel Streak Free – No Chemicals

Since I moved into my new home I have struggled to keep my stainless steel appliances streak free. I tried many different things at the store and still I found streaks! Plus I do not want to use chemicals that are harsh in my home, so why settle with store bought stainless cleaners that are harmful and do a so-so job?

I use vinegar regularly to clean in my kitchen and home. It is cheap to make and is a wonderful cleaner, check out my review on that…ner-vs-vinegar .

So after much searching different cleaners many have talked about using oil to buff to a streak free shine.  Some use Baby Oil (but I don’t think that is completely natural?) a lot use OLIVE OIL.

So I decided to give it a try and it worked like magic.  I swear I almost wept cause of my months of frustration is now over.  Putting it on a towel sparingly I went with the “grain” of the steel, then I used another dry cloth to buff it with the grain.

This made me think, can I use the spray olive oil?  I had a self pumping oil sprayer that when pumped, builds up pressure to a fine mist when sprayed, It worked like a charm to put a nice light coat of oil (less waste this way).

Next I thought I don’t want to use my expensive oil can I use my cheaper oil in a aerosol can? Well, that worked too and as you can tell by the picture, you cannot tell the difference where I used the different types of application and oils. Mother Nature always has it right, so use natural safe alternatives to clean your home.

Momma Says: Now dont go out and spend money on chemicals that are not good for you and your family to clean your stainless appliances, just use your cooking oil. Its just too easy to get a great streak free shine.

How to clean stainless steel streak free – No chemicals

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