Quick Cute Bento


 Quick Cute Bento quickBento1 300x256Some mornings you just don’t have time to make a cute and detailed bento. That is where some cute picks and a quick and easy design (if any) is used. 

How much easier is it to just do a quick punch of nori for the face and a cut corner of cheese. The longest thing about this bento is the time it took to steam the BBQ bun!

For this quick bento that is sure to please I used Pikachu as my inspiration thanks to the cute pick. The container has a top bowl that I was able to put a cutie orange with a star cut into it and a pic, piece of cucumber, Pikachu pick, carrot cut into a star, cute marshmallow, champagne grapes and a cherry tomato.

 Quick Cute Bento QuickBento1 300x295 I put the bun in the bottom of a thermos type of container. I know Pikachu is yellow but I am not going to go and color the bun, so he stays white and I used white cheese to make the ears, nori for face and tomato for red cheeks. Even though he was a white Pikachu my kiddo will still love him as she has the fever for all things Pokemon!


Momma Says: Cheese and a cookie cutter can take a boring lunch to Oohs and Ahhs.


Quick Cute Bento

 Quick Cute Bento


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