Cute Hello Kitty Sammi Bento

With my daughters new found love of bread another sammi today in the bento and its Hello Kitty.  One of the few “girly” things my kiddo loves.

Hello Kitty is made with potato bread (Hello Yummy) and she is a PB &J.  Was going to use nutella and PB but we were out :( and for all you nutella haters, if your kiddo is eating healthy you should not have to worry about a little nutella spread so get over it!  Its not like she sits there with the jar and a spoon, that’s just me who does that LOL!

So along with Hello Kitty there is a cute pick on her for her bow, some cherry tomato on a pick below her, above her is some of those kiddo favs champaign grapes ( they were a hit at school my kiddo said all her friends were telling her how cute the grapes were), a little turkey flower with a green pick center, corn on the cob wedge, strawberry, marshmallow with a heart pick, and some carrot cut into flower shapes.

Today’s bento box is a home made one my kiddo and I did as a craft. Since I don’t have a local place to buy bento gear sometimes you need to improvise.  On a shopping trip to Target ( said the French way cause that’s how we roll at our house, hee hee hee).

 In the dollar section they had these cute handled boxes. The first thing that came to mind was hey I can use that in bento, what color do you like baby? Of course Pink was chosen and then I thought of how to embellish it. Should we buy jewels and hot glue or paint?  Well she wanted Hello kitty stuff for school so we got a pad of Hello Kitty stickers and stuck them on the box, and even the 5 plain notebooks for school to give them some flare (better than paying $2 bucks a pop for them, I paid 50 cents and she got to make her own notebook and loved it more).

Momma Says: Creating your own school supplies by crafting plain lunch boxes or notebooks and folders is fun and can save you a lot of $ at the register.

Cute Hello Kitty Sammi Bento

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  1. Kathy says:

    So cute! I love that you made your own bento box. Also I envy the pink. A majority of my bentos are for boys.

    • says:

      Thanks Kathy,
      Funny I have the opposite I see all these cute boy things and think if I only had a boy, I have two girls. At least my little one loves a variety untlike my first who was TOTALLY GIRLY!

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