A+ Kid Bento

First Day of school here and once again the daily bentos will be made.  It is exciting for both of us, she loves the lunches and I try to get my food crafting blood going.

I made the A+ Kid Bento because I was thinking of a theme for her first day and got inspiration from looking at old scrapbooks I had made over the years (insert big sigh).

A+ Bento comes with a slight advantage from all previous bentos, it is not gluten free. (in my head is playing Dum Dum Dum Dum like a cliff hanger from a movie) I know I cannot believe it myself! A new Dr. who finally did a battery of testing said gluten is fine but no cow milk (any other milk is fine) she is allergic to the sugars in the cows milk.  So since we changed she has not had tummy aches, YEAH! We shall see if focusing becomes an issue in class.

With our newest diet restrictions the cheese I have in her bento is obviously dairy free, veggie slices brand. She says it tastes just like yellow cheese, plus it melts nice too!

The A+ on the PB & J sammi is made from cheese and the word Kid is made from fruit leather. Below the sammi I have some chocolate cookie bites with an apple decoration. Top container has a cucumber with “4th” carved into it, a quail egg and pick, bus decoration. Below container has some champagne grapes on the vine (so small and sweet perfect for bento), strawberries and a little cute panda food separator .

Momma Says: There is so many cheese options for those with sensitivities, check out whole foods market and talk to their cheese monger. Ours was so helpful and let my daughter try all different cheeses from goats, sheep and even a buffalo! She loved trying them all and we found some good alternitives to cows milk cheese!

A+ Kid Bento

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  1. quail eggs are so cute! I remember eating those in the Philippines. I should get some… where do find them here in US?

  2. Very cute!!! We are on a first name basis with our cheese monger!! The kids love trying all the different types!!

    • MommaSays.net says:

      It was definatly a good experience, My kiddo liked the buffalo cheese though I kinda was mentally not there LOL. Plus it was expensive, they must not like being milked!

  3. Sarah says:

    So cute.. great back to school lunch!

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