LEGO for girls! Product Review: LEGO Friends

I could not believe what I have seen while in the toy isle, a LEGO section starting out with  a design for girls!

I thought not only is this so cool but, hello its about time. How many awesome kits they have that are totally geared for boys! I am glad to see LEGO has finally stepped up and started a line of LEGOs for girls, it is called LEGO Friends. My kiddo was excited and wanted the kit called “Olivia’s playhouse” ($19.99).

Can I even find the words to express how I was impressed on the hours my kiddo spend creating things with her new LEGOs! No video games, no computer or tv just time spend creating and imagination pouring out of her into this LEGO set.  Now if that didn’t make me want to run out and charge up my hubby ‘s credit card full of LEGO products I don’t know what would. I will say I was so excited on how she was so focused on play.

Olivia’s Playhouse by LEGO Friends has a cute kit with a little Lego girl, little animals and flowers to add to the fun and of course a playhouse your kiddo can create. My Kiddo loved it and was very excited to play with the LEGOs.  She of course made her own version of the playhouse but said she definitely wants to make the playhouse together with me (it has a booklet with directions).  My kiddo also got the box of LEGOs also in random pieces for girls, it did have some pink Lego pieces and as you know that is important, were talking girls here so that was a nice surprise beyond the normal primary colors that LEGOs usually are. though she would have like to see allot more pink (and purple) of course, so she could make a whole item in pink.

With that in mind I made the trip near Denver to the mall that had the Lego store and I guess they are not up to speed just yet on the girly side of Legos, a bit dissapointing, but we did have fun filling a containger with a bunch of yellow legos and even some odd and ends. There were NO Pink lego bins as of yet but they did have all the “normal” colors. So do check them out the LEGO store is cool and the workers are very friendly. Hopefully one day they will girl up a section and have some pinks in a bin next time we make the trip, Fingers crossed…

Momma Says: LEGO has gone pink side and can we all say a big united YEA! PS what took so long?

LEGO for girls –  Product review: LEGO friends

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