Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini

 Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini zuch5 300x225Our garden is producing vegetables now and we are so excited. My kiddo is so excited to pick it all feeling a great sense of accomplishment on her gardening skills. One of the veggies that is growing like bonkers is our zucchini and yellow squash, both of which her Daddy loves (and sorry to say I have never cooked in the past). So with many recipe books and Internet searches, I developed a recipe that tasted pretty darn good (even I who doesn’t ever eat the stuff actually ate two helpings). The kiddos had mixed reviews, the big kiddo ate it all up, and my little kiddo ate half (now that is something usually she is like me and it won’t pass the lips).

Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini

seasoned bread crumbs

2 onions chopped

2 tsp. chopped garlic

Greek seasoning

couple zucchini , yellow squash and tomatoes


lemon pepper

boneless, skinless chicken breast

feta cheese

Parmesan cheese

olive oil

1. in a pan over med-low slowly cook down chopped onions in about 1 TBL olive oil til just brown and soft. Aprox 25 min, then add chopped garlic and cook about 1 min. do not brown garlic, remove from heat, cover and set aside to cool.

2. while onions cook – chop zucchini, squash and tomato into thin rounds. salt the zucchini and squash well and put into a colander over a bowl and let it release its liquid (about 1 hour) place tomato between paper towels to soak up some liquid too.

 Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini zuch 300x186

3. After you drain off all liquids from veg pat them to dry well.

4. rinse and dry chicken breasts

5. drizzle bottom of baking dish with olive oil and then sprinkle with bread crumbs layer

6. Start with a layer of zucchini even along bottom, then put the chicken on top.

7. on top of chicken add half of onion mix, Greek seasoning, salt and lemon pepper, sprinkle with Feta and Parmesan cheese. (we love the cheese add as much to your liking)

 Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini zuch1 150x150 Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini zuch3 150x150

8. Top with another generous ammount of bread crumbs.

9. Repeat vegetable layering adding sliced tomato,onion mix and then cheeses and bread crumbs. repeat layers as needed until done.


 Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini zuch4 300x200

10. bake at 400 for 45- 1 hr, will be done when veggies are shrunken in size (check for chicken doneness)  and top is browned.





Momma Says: bread crumbs help absorb some liquid while cooking, if too much liquid  is released still from zucchini and squash while cooking you can remove some by using a baster.


 Greek Style Chicken and Zucchini


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