Alien Bento

With summertime here we have not made our daily bentos but I am trying to get one in here and there.  With that said my kiddo has been also suffering tummy troubles and sometimes does not want allot of food or is specific on what she has a taste for.  So she wanted an egg, I thought hey I will make this egg bento today.

My Alien bento was super easy and fast. Plus it is on a stick and who doesnt love food on a stick! Grammy also sent us a bento box that a stick can fit into for bento, YEA Grammy!  The food stick I used is really a cocktail stir stick, with a star on the tip. They are long but not too long and work great for bento boxes.

How I made my Alien Bento, I used a star cutter and cut out meat and cheese (now lactose free thanks to new allergy we found out) and stuck it all around inside of bento box, added one baran shooting star near bottom and for the alien I used a hard boiled egg with nori face details, string bean body, cheese chest plate and tomato foot.

She shrieked “ohh so cool Mom, Thank you” and that was all I needed to know she was happy, the big hug was nice too…

Momma Says: Tip if you find a cocktail stir stick you like at a party story, to make it bento friendly just cut the “ball” tip off to a blunt edge and then it is easy to skewer food.

Alien Bento

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