Summer Craft- Rock Painting

My little kiddo allways had a thing for rocks, she allways collected them. If we go on a hike or go to a park she finds an intereasting rock to add to her collection.

Well since summer is here and we were looking for things to do indoors because of the fires here in Colorado, the air quality is bad for those with Asthma. So I thought lets paint and I didnt have any paper as my craft room is still in boxes. So why not rocks, online is a lot of ideas and boy some people do such realistic work! We washed up a bunch and got ready to spend an afternoon listening to music and sitting in the nice air conditioner (thanks to Hubby, it is 100 degrees! Not normal at all for us + fire= not good).

First step after you wash them is to paint your rocks white if your going to paint the whole thing, or outline your idea say a butterfly in white, this way your colors are not dull from the dark spots in the rock.

Next if you havent decided what to paint think what does this shape of rock make you think of?  This is a great thing to do with kiddos because you can have them guess a lot of different ideas and if they have none well just use a different rock to spark imagination!

You can sketch it on the rock with a pencil or just go for it.  We had alot of fun and with lunch breaks and all we kept going until we had a bunch of our creations. When finished you can use a spray sealer or paint one on to protect it.

(we used acrylic paints on the rocks, they come in cheap bottles about 1.00 at all craft stores)

Momma Says: Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso


Summer Craft- Rock Painting


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