Product Review: Shredded potato Pancake Mix by Panni

You know those days when you crave a certain food and you want it so bad, the only thing stopping you is that it is a chore to make?  Well one of those for me is Potato Pancakes.  I LOVE anything potato, add pancake and it is the best. Well I was having one of those moments and I went to the market to see about making an instant potato pancake with little effort.

I found a mix by Panni from the makers of Knorr (you know them for the yummy spinach dips and soups).  The basic recipe you only need 2 cups of water to make,  can you say easy? I say SOLD!!!

So I hurried home and the directions said if you want richer pancakes stir in 1 egg (along with the water). I did this, then you let it sit for 2 minutes, the mix will thicken. It did and I could hardly wait. Fried up the first one and yes it made the cravings in me go away. I made them 1/2 inch thick like directions and it was just perfect topped with my favorite sour cream.

Then I thought I could probably add some yummy stuff to the mix to make this over the top yummy. So I added some garlic powder and chopped up green onion to the mix. Just as I was going to fry up my creation my hubby needed to run some errands before it got dark and wanted me to come. So with a big sigh, I covered the mix with plastic wrap and put in the fridge, dreading that my yummy pancake mix would not last until tomorrow (as we would have to grab a bite while we were out).

Then today I woke up to the thought of potato pancakes for breakfast. I was praying my mix would still look good enough to fry up. It did and the smell of the garlic and onion was all I could barely take waiting for these golden babies to cook up. So after serving up everyone theirs ( my hubby’s pancakes were a side dish with his eggs rather than hash browns and it was greeted with a Oh yea!)  I fineally sat down with my garlic and onion potato loveliness topped with sour cream and took a bite. I swear a ray of light from heaven shone from above as took my first bite and I heard the words and it is good.

OK, I know that last part was a bit dramatic but seriously good eats here folks. So tasty I picked up the phone to call my Mother in California to tell her how good it was and yes she was jealous and now wanted to make some to. Sorry I didnt take a picture of these golden delicious pancakes but I ate them all so quickly I was in a state of euphoria and was unable to function mentally, LOL..

Momma Says: This “authentic Bavarian” style shredded potato pancake mix by Panni is defiantly on the Momma Must Haves list. For it was way easy to make and oh so good.  This could actually compete with Grammy’s scratch ones! Sorry Grammy!


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