Dinner Bento

I have not been making bentos like I used to we have been busy in our garden. But I made this Dinner Bento the other day for my kiddo to make up for the lack of bentos since school has been out. I need to step it up and at least give her a couple a week. Can you say Bento Guilt, LOL!

She was so happy to get this since it has been a while, how cute/sad is that? Oh well, Mommas have to learn no guilt here just hard when you want to be everything all the time AARRGGHH…

So for this bento I had made a special treat for her with fried Plantains. Holy smoke they were tasty took all my will power to share them with her!  But she loves them and they are so easy to make!  I will post below how I did it.

In this bento I call it Dinner Bento because I used leftovers from Dinner to make it, I used some leftover orange chicken that we put on the indoor grill with some fried plantains, some carrots and broccoli and the cute factor I added leftover rice to make a Hello Kitty.  Added some Nori detail to face some picks and food separators and DONE!

How I made fried plantains

Dont use them until the skins are BLACK and look old, I know you think like bannanas black is bad but the sugar content goes up and they are soft and tasty, TRUST ME..

Pan Fried Plantains


2 overly ripe (black) plantains, peeled and sliced in 1 inch round slices
4 tablespoons butter


In a non-stick skillet over medium heat, melt butter.

Add plantains, in a single layer (you will have to do multiple batches). Lightly salt and cook plantains on each side, for about couple minutes, or until they reach a light caramelized brown color.

Transfer to a plate covered with paper towels and allow to drain for a minute. You can then eat them but it is better to fry them twice! Do the same steps as above but smash them before second frying, just watch they dont burn you want a nice brown color.

They are soo good warm it is like eating dessert with your dinner!



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