Momma Party!

My little kiddo sure does have a way that warms my heart. I truly think God made me wait so long for her and the reason there is 7 years between her and her sister is so I can get all this love and attention from her while my older kiddo pulls away and is finding her independance.  I really dont think I could handle the break away into adulthood of my older kiddo if it were not for the wanting of my love and attention from my little one.  I dont know what I will do when that time comes when she will start being too cool for me and start that break away that I dread.

Yea I know, it is good for them and all so they can be strong independent women and not have Momma rushing in and swooping up all the time but (insert sigh) I wish I could go back and hug my big kiddo as that little kiddo and smile as she says “hey Momma watch me” as she breaks out into a dance to a melody in her head. I cant help it I miss that “little Pea”.  Ok tears are starting, have to stop.

So back to my Momma Party. My little kiddo loves to create food for me sometimes they can get a little rough, but I happily quickly drink it or eat it.  I on occation will come home from somewhere and find that she has decorated the table with hand made signs, stating her love for me and a cute and funny combination of foods for me.  She is going to be a great cook or party host one day, until then I will eat all the weird combinations and then have a tums to be safe.

So I came home to a party in my honor  with some new food combinations that I just had to share. She created some “punch” that I had to admit were tasty. She used her coconut milk and some grenidine syrup so along with my pink punch, we had fruit salad, she took the cut up watermelon added a orange (she squeezed one orange to make the dressing on it all) added some snap pea pods and four lettuce leaves cause it is a “salad”. We also had a nice bowl of pickles and also another drink in a bowl of pink lemonaid.  She set up plates, cups and silverware. Had a movie displayed for us to take and watch together while we feasted upon her lovely salad and pickles.  Toped it off with a lovely sign saying Mom day and a paper with decorations saying how much she loved me. ( note – we have had many conversations of food safety in the kitchen when doing a surprise party for

So we ate and cuddled while watching our movie.  I love all the funny little things her kind heart does for me.  No matter what the combinations I get in the future I think the important thing to remember is that we need to accept the gesture we get from our kiddos no matter if it is a drawing or a party with funny food combinations. We should eat the food and talk about their kindness, cause this world is so full of “ME” what can I do for me, not what I can do for you.

Kids learn at home how to think outside themselves and be considerate of others.  It is usually in them already and we need to embrace when they do for others at all costs. No matter how tired you are or if you just came home from a long day at the office, it is that important.

Momma Says: So just take those tums after a meal prepaired by little hands for you, those little hands can one day prepair a meal for the President or even feed the homeless.

Momma Party


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  1. PT says:

    An absolutetly wonderful story about an absolutely wonderful little girl who leaned to be that way because of her mother, no doubt about it.
    I am just so proud to be a very small part of you and little Brynny!!!!

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