Hello Kitty Sammi Bento

Well kiddos are out of school for the past week and we planted our garden and have been trying to keep busy.  Bentos may not be daily but they will be given and on a plate instead of the bento box.  So I used the sandwich cutter that was my find at the thrift store. Of course I used Hello Kitty first, duh!

My kiddo squealed with delight when she saw the Hello Kitty bento I made her, ( I say bento loosly due to summertime lunches will probably be on a plate now instead of her bento boxes ) she is happy that she will still get bentos even thought were not in school.

So Hello Kitty Sammi Bento was made with using tortillas for bread and a silicon cup with yogurt and sprinkles, decorated with a umbrella pick (my kiddo LOVES umbrella picks), some watermelon cut with a flower cutter (it put an outline impression in it cute!- wondering if the cutters with a face will do the same?) some orange wedges and two little olives. 

 Momma’s tip: tortillas make for a yummy yet inexpensive bread. They cut with cutters great, can be warm or cold and feed all the friends of the kiddo easily and your not breaking the bank.  My kiddo had her friend over and they got this Hello Kitty Sammi and they LOVED it. Hello now I didn’t use up my expensive bread. This makes good sense if you have a houseful of kiddos, seriously….

Momma Says: You can purchase a bag with many tortillas for about 2 bucks and you get a ton of them vs bread that I buy is near 4 bucks and if your feeding a gaggle of kiddos well you do the math!

Hello Kitty Sammi Bento

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  1. Karen says:

    So cute! John loves tortillas but I almost never think of buying them. I’m thinking next time I go shopping I’ll grab some :)

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