Review: Wizard 101 online game is Wonderful

During the summer my daughter saw a commercial for an online game called Wizard 101.  I had previously let her try Toon Town. Toon Town is definitely much more “kiddie” with the Disney character theme. Both are very safe sites to play online cause you can set parental control to allow chat or not.  Since the Toon Town account she has been playing for so long now and after 2yrs approximately she has become a little bored.  Plus I think it was actually a little harder for kids if they cant read well cause you had to read where you needed to go and do jobs, alot of the time I had to sit with her and tell her what things said. I thought I would check out this Wizard 101 game and see how safe it was also. I gave her a free account to start and I gave myself one also so we can play together and I can get a feel for the game that she wanted a subscription to.  I of course gave her parental controls. First off I love the fact that it has a arrow pointing you in the direction of the jobs you need and any place your character needs to go and gives the number of steps inside the arrow. Big time bonus for early readers! Me to since I would often get lost at first and the maps are great too. VERY user friendly!  For her Parental controls are good because it can definitely be a teen social network at times. If you do not want your child to read hormone induced teen love chat (at times it seems that way and they even find a way to cuss using allowable words).  Of course there are tons of words that even with no Parental Controls are still filtered. I had been asked my age by some other teens (if they really are) so they find their way to use allowable words to tell ages. Like tree team for 13.  You get it.  That would be the only thing if you had little ones who like online gaming, definitely use parental control. There are alot of kids on there with it so they shurley wont feel singled out. 

Other than that I absolutely LOVE this game. The choices in your wizard from how you want them to look to what “school” you want to attend it very cool.  It is definitely like walking into a Harry Potter type of life.  The graphics are cool and not cheesy at all. If you pay for a subscription you get to go into more areas to play, which I definitely would say fork out the cash for this, it is worth it. Plus they run specials where it is like 6o bucks for a whole year. Believe me you will definitely want to play for a year at least. The game is addicting!

The stronger your wizard is the better cards you get in your deck to cast spells. They have shops to buy stuff with the rewards of gold coins you get for battles. So there is really just the cost of subscription. Your Wizard will get all the cool stuff they want just by earning the gold coins. That makes it nice that you don’t have to keep feeding the online addiction. But if you want you can buy what is called crowns. this is definitely not something you have to do. I have been playing for a few months now and still don’t really need or desire to, yet… The crowns are bought and can be used to buy better pets and a cool house for your  Wizard to live in and put some of the things that you win. I just put my stuff in the free dorm room that all Wizards get to own for them self.  Maybe I will get a house, as I am getting a large collection of stuff. You definitely do not have to though. If you don’t even want to pay for a subscription about 9 bucks a month, 6 for family, you can just play for free and there is still alot to do!

 I would suggest however get each kid their own monthly subscription. That way if you have a couple of computers at home then your kids can play together online or you can play with your child, that is what I do. We have alot of fun and I think it has helped her reading also, that is a bonus there cause though she does not have the greatest reading capabilities (2nd grade) she can certainly get by and has learned what the words are and can do her parental controlled chat with ease now.  If you choose to share a subscription, you can make multiple characters on one 9 dollar account . You can make up to 6 characters and have them even in different “schools”  and be all completely different. Problem with sharing an account either the 9 dollar or 6 dollar family account is that the characters will not play all at the same time. So just splurge and get everyone their own. Less fighting for computer time also that way. 

The battles you do are not scary or bloody it is very fun without all that! It is like a “G – Rated” in any area for sure.  So no worries of actual violence! It is not scary for younger ones but it is still very cool for the older teens and parents! I like fighting the Kraken myself.  They have fairies, ghosts, skeletons, snowmen, ogres who fart (my daughter loved that), Cyclops, pumpkin headed creatures, bears, ninja pigs and mummy crocodiles just to name a few.   This is a great game and good for bribery at my house! LOL….

Momma says Clean that room and I will let you play for 30 minutes on Wizard 101!

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