Product Review: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – Home Made Ice Cream

I received the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker  (Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker ICE-20 Series), from my mother to make some ice cream with the kiddos. Well today is the day, it is so nice and plus I have some fresh strawberries in the fridge and some freshly picked rhubarb from the garden and were all in the mood for a treat.

I had the freezer bowl already in the freezer waiting for that special moment when we felt the urge to make some ice cream.  I did not realize how simple and easy it was to make a frozen treat with this product. I had bought a book on different ice cream recipes but nothing with rhubarb. Of course there were strawberry so I just adapted it to suit my needs (kinda just did my own thing) and of course GF for my kiddo. (Recipe below)

This is one of the reasons I really like Cuisinart Ice cream maker, you can adapt your treat for special diets and in about 20 min you can have a wonderful treat. You can easily make many different flavors in one day even and just put them in the freezer for later. Nothing can be more better, you choose what you want to put in it, its all natural and free of junk additives from store bought brands. Plus it makes eating organic, healthy ice cream way more cheaper than what you could spend in your local store. That alone is worth its weight in gold if you ask me.

You basically add milk, fruit and sugar (if you want) and place ingredients into the freezer bowl (you must pre-freeze I just always leave mine in the freezer just in case) put the machines mixing arm in the freezer bowl with your fruit and milk,  put the easy locking  lid on the top and push the on switch, THAT EASY! In about 20 minutes a frozen treat (or drink for the parents LOL). Imagine the possibilities are endless here. With the opening at the top it makes is simple to add some chocolate chips or nuts, chopped up candy even caramel to swirl in once it starts to get thick (20 min aprox). Then you have a soft serve texture, this is about the time we dig in, of course if you like it firmer you can put it into a storage container and put into the freezer for a couple hours. But at my house we cant wait and want to eat it NOW and it is so good.

I love the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker because it is simple enough that kiddos can help make treats too. When we made our strawberry and rhubarb ice cream my kiddo and I sat down with our bowls and after the first bite she looked at me and said “Momma we are awesome cooks, this is the best ice cream ever”.  There are no sharp parts, the mixing arm is plastic and when in motion there is no way little hands can really touch it, but of course for safety sake always talk kitchen safety with kiddos and use good judgement.

This is on the Momma must haves list because of ease of use and it really doesn’t take up much storage space.

Momma Says: Using the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker has helped to make good quality Ice cream a simple at home dessert possibility.


Beans Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream (Dairy free and GF)

*If you dont need to be dairy free substitute half and half  or whole milk instead of rice milk

* recipe contains eggs


1 1/2 Cups thin sliced rhubarb

1/2 Cup water

1/2 Cup Stevia (or sugar)

1 container strawberries (minced, half of which pureed)

1/2 Cup Stevia (or sugar)

2 heaping teaspoons cornstarch

1 Cup Coconut milk Vanilla flavor (rice milk or half & half)

2 eggs beaten

2 Tablespoons Honey ( optional if using sweetened yogurt)

1/2 Cup Coconut milk yogurt (I used plain, strawberry of Vanilla would be yummy)

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla

*NuNaturals liquid stevia Vanilla flavor (as needed)



Place the rhubarb into a small pot and add 1/2 cup of water. Cover and bring to boil , Boil 5 min (rhubarb should be softened)

Remove from heat and add 1/2 Cup stevia and mix well until dissolved (should look like mush). Set aside to cool.

Chop strawberries very small minced pieces, take half of strawberries and puree until smooth.  Add to cooled rhubarb.

In the meantime in a sauce pan combine stevia and cornstarch, add the coconut milk and stir til blended. Cook over medium heat stirring until mixture comes to a simmer, cook for another minute more. Remove from heat.

In a long slow stream stir in half of the mix into beaten eggs (you dont want scrambled eggs!)

Now the eggs are tempered you can pour the egg mix back into the pan with remaining coconut milk mix and mix well. Heat the mixture over low for 2-3 minutes to thicken.

Remove from heat and add honey, set aside to cool completely.

Add Vanilla, strawberry rhubarb mix and yogurt to cooled egg mix.

(taste for sweetness, it should be on the more sweet side because when it freezes it can loose sweet taste so adjust sweetness at this point- use liquid stevia if you have it, I used aprox 5 drops vanilla flavored liquid stevia by NuNaturals)

Place mixture into freezer bowl, place mixing arm in and locking lid on then press start. In 20 minute enjoy frozen treat!

You can allways use more or less sweetener but because of the rhubarb you need the extra sweetness.



Product Review Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker




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