Cheap Bento Gear – Thrift Stores

Bento can be costly at times to keep the addiction going. There is always ways to cut corners and one is shopping at thrift stores. I live in a town that has the usual named thrift stores and I occasionally go with my kiddo to look around and see what they have. The old saying one mans trash is another’s treasure is sure true. But the better stores go through their stuff and you can really find some good deals, especially if on a budget.

One stop I always go through is the housewares, you never know what you might find. Yes once I even found a bento box! There are always an assortment of cookie cutters too that you can use to cut breads, cheese and meats to make some cute bentos. Well I must brag on the find I got the other day while strolling through housewares, I was looking at the cookie cutters to see if there was anything I didn’t have or something new to inspire my bentos when I found a bag with a Hello Kitty large sammi cutter and face detail cutter, also a Winnie the Pooh one too! The bag also had random cookie cutters and for 1.99 I could not pass up the deal!

If you think outside the “bento box” you can creativly find items to use for your bentos.

So it just goes to show that you should not turn up your nose at thrift stores. They may have something you  never thought.

Momma Says: If your kiddo wants a stuffy (yes she has found build a bear and pleaded for them on several occasions) Of course you should wash the animal on gentle cycle and put in the dryer, but one tip I read is if your worried of bed bugs place item in a plastic bag and put in your freezer!


Cheap Bento Gear – Thrift Stores

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