Garden Bento

 Todays bento is called Garden Bento because this weekend is planting day for us!  We are gearing up to plant our garden and crossing our fingers that our “green thumb” will start to show,LOL…

Cute Garden Bento was made using many picks of vegetables placed into some beef and brussel sprouts with GF  pasta and topped with BACON!  My kiddo is obviously not on her vegetarian kick this week, she just loves bacon way too much right now. LOL

I bordered the pasta garden with some green grass baran. Next compartment I put some apple slices, a cherry tomato with a leaf pick, little strawberry in a heart cup and some GF chocolate chip cookies, YUMMY! Some puppy food separators are tucked in for cuteness.

Once again the pasta was the brand Taste of India, rice noodles. LOVE them they are GF and cook up really quick by adding hot water to them and pop it into the microwave for one minute, DONE…

Momma Says: So true this quote I have found already too soon. – When one of my plants dies, I die a little inside, too. ~Linda Solegato

Garden Bento

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