Cute Panda Bento

 So today is a simple and quick bento. The Cute Panda Bento was put together because I have been getting leftovers sent home. I hate food waste so my bentos will get on the smaller side until kiddo shows signs of I need more food.

Does not mean cuteness has to stop since the package is smaller!  Today I put this bento together with the easy to decorate boiled egg. Gotta love the boiled egg, they are yummy and can be decorated so easily.  My panda was simply just nori face and ears punched out and a cute heart pick. Some good quality hot dog with cheese hearts for the final blow of cuteness. The opposite side has my kiddos favorite fruits strawberries and kiwi.


MommaSays: Tip: Nori used in small amounts does not taste bad to kiddos taste buds but if you have a picky little kiddo you can take some cheese and write with food markers and then just place that onto the egg. (Check out my review of food markers that I have at…e-food-markers )

Cute Panda Bento


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