Another Cute Bunny Bento

Were up and running here in the woods and I am trying to get back in the swing of things as I get my house together. I have gotten my bento gear together and now I made my first bento since moving.

Another Cute Bunny Bento is the bento today. Bunnies are my go to when I have brain drain, LOL. Helps that my kiddo absolutely loves bunnies. I dont have a stash anymore as my go to. That will definitely be on my list of “to do’s” when I get all my stuff finally in order here. Didn’t realize how important a “STASH” is until it was gone…

Another Cute Bunny Bento was put together with gluten free sammi of turkey and cheese, with a cheese bunny on top of it, bunny has nori details for the face and a cute bow pick to make her look kinda like Hello Kitty-ish. Above the sammi I put a turkey flower with a shredded carrot middle and a bunny pick tucked inside, there is also a leaf baran. Next is some flower cut out apples (dipped in juice to prevent browning) there is also a little white rabbit looking like he is running through the flowers. Below that is a cucumber with a bunny carved into it and a tomato heart.

Momma Says: Bento making is not just for health though it sure can be healthy, it is for fun and is my way of saying I love you. I know my kiddo gets that because of the many hugs, kisses and “my lunch was awesome Mom”┬áthat I get.

Another Cute Bunny Bento

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  1. AikoVenus says:

    Aa, such a cute bento! ^^ And such a beautiful little note from “Momma”. I think the same – whenever you give someone a bento, you’re showing them lots of love!

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