Pine Needles In The Garden

Well I moved to the woods!  With the new place comes a nice BIG garden. Though I do not have a green thumb to save my life, I have been reading up a lot on organic gardening. The biggest thing I read is to mulch the garden and of course try to keep weeding. Since my garden has not been in use the weeds took over like nobodies business.  I have a wonderful deal with a neighbor, he will till the garden and fertilize it if I let him plant on a portion.  I did not blink twice when I replied YEA! Sounds like half the deal set up for me now I just need to plant.

Since I moved to a wooded area there is a plethora of pine needles.  Upon looking around online and reading various magazines I found out that the previous notion that Pine needles can make the soil to acidic seems to be falling under the “Old Wives Tale” category. There are so many people who have been using Pine needles to mulch with and make walk ways in gardens. They supposedly really help keep weeds down. Pine Needles can be very beneficial especially if you even cover them with a layer of hay, this method can really help keep the moisture in the soil.

Seems like nature can give you all you need if you just look around you. Lets just hope she helps out when my green thumb isn’t too green.

Gardening is going to be a good way to get kiddos out of the house and in the sun. Too many kiddos sit inside and veg out. Why not make helping in the garden part of the family to do list. Sure they might ho and hum at first but they eat the food. So why not be a part of maintaining the food they get to benefit from. My younger kiddo is definitely on board, my teen well that is going to take some coercing. She will need rides to friends houses, so if the weeding is not helped with in the morning when it is cool outside I just may be too busy to drive, MUHA  HA HA (Momma’s evil laugh)…. I remember weeding for my Grandmother all summer long, there was no choice in the matter I just did it.  So they will just have to suck it up and learn this is what families do if they have a garden.  It also may be my private sanctuary if I put my mind in the right frame, a place to go hide from them, LOL… Oh you know exactly what I mean …

Momma Says: So my adventure begins as a Modern Pioneer Woman. I will keep you up to date on my new life here in the wooded country as I find my way experimenting in the garden and kitchen.





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