Cute Little Chicks Bento

Today is going to be in the 80’s here in Colorado feels more like Summer than Spring! I do hear the little birdies waking with me in the morning tweeting away, love that.  So they inspired me today for the Cute Little Chicks Bento.

The cute little chicks are made from quail eggs. My kiddo loves the small eggs and they are very quick to boil in the morning. I used nori for the eyes and a triangle of carrot that I par-boiled, the tops are different colored heart shape picks. The chicks are all sitting in a nest of GF rice noodles.

 (A Taste of Thai brand, straight cut) They are also on my favorite list because they cook up quickly by adding hot water (I get from my Krupp’s coffee machine) let them soak covered and nuke in micro wave for one minute let them sit while your doing everything else and then they are done! You can then season however you like or add parmesan with some butter or just plain with GF soy sauce. I ahave also used them in the past to make her a GF lasagna and its a no boil easy recipe! Check it out here…n-free-lasagna  .

 Back to the bento, I added the nest on top of some lettuce and added some more par-boiled carrots cut into flowers. Next compartment I have a piece of pear with a cut out of a flower and some dragon fruit. Underneath is some cucumber and tomato alongside a cutie orange with a flower detail in the peel and a pick.

Momma Says: My Kiddo’s cute story have to share – The other day my kiddo came home and said how someone made a comment on her lunch that was not so nice and her reply was “Your just jealous that my Mom make me the most awesome lunches and yours don’t! I don’t care what you think my lunch is the best and so is my Mom”.  Driving home tears welled up in my eyes, I pulled up in the drive and I gave her a big hug and kiss and thanked her for appreciating my bentos I make and I do it cause I love her. This has reaffirmed to me that I enjoyed making these for her and she enjoys them too. She is only little for a while so I will treasure every moment of her being my little kiddo!

Cute Little Chicks Bento



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