Disney’s Chimpanzee Movie Review

Disney’s Chimpanzee Movie will be in theaters Fiday April 21st. and appropriately for EARTH DAY!  I cannot tell you how excited my kiddo is to see this film. If it is similar to their last movie African Cats I am sure were in for a treat.  One great reason to go today and this week if you can is for every moviegoer who sees CHIMPANZEE during the film’s opening week (April 20-26, 2012), Disneynature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Foundation through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund in order to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. How cool is that!  So everyone if your planning to go see this make sure to go this first week. 

 If your worried about Disneynature films being boring documentaries and your kiddos will never sit though it, be rest assured they are NOT!  Disneynature finds a story line in their movies where normal documentaries fail. The movies always have a way to pull your heart strings and captivate you throughout the whole way.  So I can just see this film with the cute little chimp Oscar making you laugh, cry and care for the plight of these poor creatures. 

The movie is about this little chimp named Oscar and his ups and downs of  life in the jungle.  The movie is only about an hour long so little ones will not burn out.  I do not want to give too much away so my review will be brief. Like any wild animal there is a fight to survive and what the troop of chimpanzee go though to forage for food and keep themselves together and safe from other troops is not only touching and at time can be a little scary. 

 I will give away one part that some little ones will definitely not like but it is life, I think it needs to be known that since they are wild and forage in  the jungle you see them hunting, they hunt another smaller type of monkey. You may want to warn your kiddos of this so there is no surprise because they catch the small monkey and eat it. Disney however did a good job of not letting you see the bloody carnage (thank goodness) but it did upset my little one. I did have to remind her that this is life in the jungle and they need to eat meat to survive. She got over it but did say that was one of the parts of the movie she didn’t like.

The movie is shot so well and you feel your in the jungle with them. You are pulled in and the heartstrings are played beautifully.

I noticed while watching the film, so many giggles and laughs all around me also oohs and aaahs when they use tools or when they eat bugs funny all the kiddos in the place go eewww. Oscar is just so cute when he plays and interacted with the other chimps, you cannot help but fall in love with him. The bond with mother and baby is so endearing that as I looked around you see Moms and Grandparents cuddling with the kiddos  while watching the movie. You also realize how deep the bond is between them and you realize we are not that different when it comes to love and caring for those we love.

This film comes just in time for my kiddo who is doing a report on Jane Goodall for school! She was very happy to have seen this as was I and wished for it to be a longer film. It was that good you were left wanting more!

So if your thinking of going GO! Just don’t forget to take your kiddos this week and a portion of your movie dollars will go to a good charity!

Check out the trailer, if this doesn’t make you go AWWWW then there is something wrong and you should still go see it to warm up that heart, LOL.


Momma Says: If you bring 5 plastic bags to recycle to Disney Stores on April 22 (Earth Day) they will give you a free Chimpanzee Movie reusable tote bag!  Gotta get one!


Disney’s Chimpanzee Movie

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