Earth Day Bento

This is last years bento from earth day I dropped the ball for this year so enjoy!

Earth Day is Friday so to help celebrate our Big Blue Marble (remember that show?) I made my kiddo a Earth Day Bento. Yes, I know it is Early but Friday she has half days so no lunch and tomorrow, well I just may make another one.

I have the Earth Day Bento in a green bento box of course. I made the Earth out of GF circle cut bread, on top I used egg dyed blue and green. OK food coloring is not that great but seriously I hardly ever color something completely, so what ever.. I placed a red star pick to pin point kinda where our lovely state of Colorado is. The Earth is floating in a space of green salad. Next  to it is some sausage with hearts cut into them and a big beautiful butterfly so symbolize the flying creatures on our earth. Next I have a border of baby carrots, a strawberry with a penguin pick, a turtle in a turkey roll and above that I have more green food like kiwi and grapes, along with a few purple grapes they have picks of a fish and a giraffe. I tried to use picks to symbolize land animals and water. Will she get that? Not sure but it will hopefully spark some conversation at the lunch table today.

Momma Says: Bento is a sure way to “Go Green” because we pack the lunch in a reusable container and all the little fun additions are reusable, plus there is no waste, unless your kiddo doesn’t eat all the yummy goodness LOL. (I make my kiddo eat leftovers after school so nothing is wasted).  So just another reason bento is AWESOME!

Earth Day Bento


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4 Responses
  1. Keeley says:

    This is fabulous! You should’ve joined our blog hop Momma!!

    • says:

      I would have but I need to read on how to do it (saw the post) I may next time one comes up.

  2. Rina says:

    Love the earth and the whole colorful lunch, amazing!

    • says:

      Thank you, I actually tried to make the “earth” twice the first one was the test, eggs are easy way to make another if the first attempt doesnt pan out…

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