Bunny Breakfast Bento

 Oh I just had to make another bento with a bunny! So This cute Bunny Breakfast Bento is todays Lunch.

 This Cute and simple bento was a combination of last nights dinner and some fresh fruit and veg (cant go wrong with that).  In the upper left side I have some potato pancake with green onion that was from dinner (oooh yes LOVE them YUMMY) also a marshmallow fruit, below is some fresh green beans. apple heart and a few purple grapes. In the large compartment is the cute bunny made with a cookie cutter and some spiral cut ham with nori detail for face, the bunny is sitting on a mound of scrambled eggs, below that is some strawberries, orance slices and green grapes.  This is all very colorful and fun, kiddo should love it.

I am moving again so bentos will be quick and simple as I pack up my stuff. I am very excited for this move and I know the kiddos are too. I hope to stay at this new place for a long, long time.  So done with moving! I do however enjoy setting up new living spaces, something exciting and we all have butterflies in our tummies with anticipation.

Momma Says: Breakfast items can be just as fun and yummy for lunch. Simple foods that have minimal processing  and are organic for best health and flavor are always the right choice. If you cannot buy all organic due to cost, then pick thin skinned fruits and veg to be organic, purchase fruit and veg  you can peel the skin off to buy commercially if in a pinch to save.

Bunny Breakfast Bento

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