Biscuit Animal Bento

Biscuit Animal Bento was so quick and easy using store bought biscuits in a roll. My little “bunny” got slightly over cooked as I was in the other room when timer went off.  The other biscuits I made did not over-brown cause I was more watchful.  Oh well my kiddo will still eat it and love it at least he wasn’t burnt, LOL.

So biscuit bunny’s face was drawn in with Wilton food marker (one application that actually worked out fine – see my review on food markers at:…e-food-markers   )

Under biscuit bunny is a flower biscuit, some spinach and cherry tomatoes, next compartment has kiwi and apple (dipped in OJ so not to discolor), some Polish sausage and in between is some cheese flowers.  This was Seriously the EASIEST bento yet and the biscuit animals sure helped make it cute.

Momma Says:  Using egg wash and sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon or a savory spice would make a nice treat,  or even egg wash and some seeds like pumpkin or sesame to add texture would be so cute and yummy! Kiddos would love to play with this dough and make stuff to bake, they cook up quick, so if it is a Big creation turn down the temp a little so not to over-brown and inside not get cooked.

Biscuit Animal Bento

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3 Responses
  1. Cristi says:

    Very cute bunny bento!

  2. Keeley says:

    Adorable AND delicious!! :)

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