Easter Chick Bento

 Easter is over, but still have the eggs to got to put them to good use!  So my Easter Chick Bento.  The cute little chicks are made with the egg, with nori eyes and cheese beak also cheese wings. The chicks are sitting in a nest of GF pasta mixed with raw spinach and mozzarella & parmesean cheese. The nest has cheese flowers on it painfully painted with food markers (hate them, but use them).  Next to nest is some polish sausage cut into flowers, all natural fruit roll up type dried fruit shaped into flowers (on top of more fruit jellies), nest to that is some green grapes with a bunny pick tucked in.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with the ones you love.  I know I did. We spent the morning coloring eggs and prepping for the “polish breakfast” which is a tradition at our home. It was fun to see my kiddo wake up to see our apartment covered in Easter eggs that the bunny left, she totally freaked,  I LOVED IT!  Next year I am really looking forward to the holiday, because we will have our house in the woods to celebrate Easter at! It will be so much fun for my kiddos to search the forest for eggs and treats. Having so much to be thankful for. Just hope more family will be with us next year, fingers crossed!

Momma Says: Eggs are good for you,  new studies have shown this that you can safely consume 4 eggs a week. Even the cholesterol in eggs has shown to be lower than in the past.  Plus all the vitamins it has and of course protein packed into a small 70 calorie food! If you just love eggs like I do an want more just pass on the yolks and enjoy your egg!

Check out http://www.austindailyherald.com/2012/04/07/celebrate-health-with-the-egg/ for more info.

Easter Chick Bento


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