Stay-cation The At Home Vacation

So what are you doing for SPRING BREAK?  If funding ,gas prices or other things prevent you from a real vacation why not do a STAY-cation?

 This week has not only been spring break but also me prepping to move,  because we are moving at the end of April I have been very busy checking out places I want to move and of course packing. I know I have some time but being ready instead of the last minute is SOO much better.

We are doing a staycation and it is going well along with fitting in the boxing of our stuff.  We have gone on a wonderful hike on the trails here that we previously never went.  Brought the camera and had a great day.  We have built blanket forts to sleep in at night.  Trying to do fun stuff here at home can be just as enjoyable if you try. 

Some other ideas for a STAY-cation:

Mini golfing- driving ranges

Picinik in all the local parks for the week


Day trips to close attractions

Living room camp outs/ make micro wave smores

Hiking trails (make your own gorp to eat on the trails)

fly a homemade kite

Painting in the park (take water color paint and paint the view)

learn a new thing (instrument or knitting)

chef for a day (kiddo plans the meals for a day – Ice cream for lunch OK!)

Pretend to have a Hawaii vacation/ have your own luau

Hot Tub fun ( buy bunch of toys to play in a hot tub/bath, add bubbles)

Pampering night/ spa night (some home made facials painted on with brushes, nails done, warm & soapy foot baths)

Make an obstacle course  (with homemade medals given)

Art Day ( messy fun type with Dads old shirt )

Scavenger hunt

Make a treasure map/ dress like a pirate

Movie marathon with big fluffy blankets to snuggle

Blind fold and pick a spot on a map then learn of that culture/ eat their food or make costumes out of paper

Momma Says: Here were some ideas it proves you don’t need to leave to have fun just use your imagination and get some help from the kiddos too!

Stay- cation


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