Breakfast Buddy Bento

This bento comes from two of my kiddos favorite things, first breakfast second dogs. This bento has a lot of food so she was told any leftovers are for second snack time.  With all these yummy breakfast foods I am sure there will be nothing in the bag when she gets home.

Breakfast Buddy Bento has a kinda lame dog that I quickly slapped together as a space filler since this box I used to so big! Of course the “dog” is made of hot dog, LOL – what else could it have been?  (always use nitrate free, quality all beef hot dogs) There is some bread with cream cheese and YUMMY apple butter, rolled and cut into pinwheels, ham meat flower, potatoe smiley faces and two globe grapes. In the other section is egg with green onion and the other is beautiful strawberries and ripe kiwi fruit.  To add to the doggie theme is a little grass baran and a puppy baran in the back.

Momma Says: Tip- to hold together cut out pieces of meat to make my dog, I used thin spaghetti noodles, uncooked of course.  I also told my kiddo of this so she can then either pull out the noodle and toss or eat it (eww)…

Breakfast Buddy Bento

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