Twist on Tuna

Well with one kiddo down sick and me not wanting to to cook, nothing defrosted for dinner, I find myself looking at the cabinet of canned food to quick fix a meal.  Tuna salad is always my standby either sammis or made into cakes and even sushi!

Sushi it is, I love tuna this way and so do the kiddos. Plus it makes it fun and different so they don’t have a big SIGH when they see they are eating tuna. Plus you can pretty much put anything into sushi roll it up and it looks yummy and kiddos will like it.

I also made a sushi with believe it or not a good QUALITY all beef hot dog for my kiddo who was not feeling good and I didn’t want her to have any mayo cause of her not feeling well. She needed to have rice and the small addition of meat and veg made it tasty and did not upset her tummy. The rest of us got the tuna fish.

Tuna fish sushi recipe


 Nori (seaweed sheets)

Cooked sushi rice or 1 min. instant sticky rice by Annie Chun (personal favorite)

rice vinegar

tuna drained and rinsed

1 green onion sliced thin


1 TBL lemon juice

steamed veg of choice ( I used carrots and green cauliflower)

1. In a glass bowl mix tuna with lemon juice and green onion then add mayo to your liking and mix well, set aside.

2. Chop steamed veg lengthwise into thin strips

3. Add rice vinigar  to cooked sushi rice to taste (you can also salt if you like- I don’t)

4. Take a sheet of Nori and lay flat onto bamboo mat, if you do not have one use wax paper or plastic wrap.

5. Moisten a spatula and take sticky rice and press and smooth out onto nori, if using fingers moisten with water to prevent it from sticking to you. Smooth out a thin layer onto nori leaving a gap at the top. Make sure to get close to other 3 sides evenly.


6. Spread out a strip of tuna salad onto rice, then add veg down sides of stripe.

7. Now pull up end and tightly roll up a little to just make end touch over the toll and using the mat squeeze the roll to make it tightly packed and firm roll.



8. Flip over the roll again using slight pressure to keep it tight, then open mat and grab roll to move sushi roll to center of mat, you can moisten the edge of nori slightly to help it stick (If rice is warm you dont need to) and continue rolling in mat as before to seal up edge and make a finished roll.

9. Using a SHARP knife, cut roll in half then the halves into halves (1/4’s), then cut the 1/4’s in half to make 1/8ths… this way if you cut they will all be the same size.

Arrange onto a plate you can then enjoy!







Momma Says: Be creative see what “normal dinners” can be turned into something fun by making it into sushi!

Twist on Tuna

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