Left Over Lunch Bento

It was one of those mornings where I really could not get up and slept for that extra half hour, WHY do I do that to myself? The effect was then a rushed morning for Momma. Rushing to make breakfast, rushing to make bento for lunch, rushing to make Daddy lunch, rushing to brush hair, rush , rush and rush….. AARRGGHH!

 With so much fun for me this morning I decided, well she liked dinner last night so guess what your having for lunch today folks…  Opened up my bento “stuff” grabbed some animal picks (this will always get a smile) a few baran bears and done. Like it or not it is what it is… Bento does not need to be over the top EVERY day with cutouts and such.  Just breath it will be ok, the inner creative person was not totally fulfilled but the kiddo who gets it sure will be, so no worries!

To top off the day nice my web service was down. WOO HOO.. So now I am finally going to be able to post something it is only 1:44pm instead of my usual 7:30 am posting.

So back to the Left Over Lunch Bento, I put a chicken leg, mashed potato, green beans, carrot, green cauliflower, purple grapes and a small cup of mickey crackers (crackers are not GF).  She does not get them often at all, because it is not GF but today she can rejoice and get some along with a pill just in case…. Add some animal picks and the bento is complete and kiddo friendly :)

Momma Says: Gotta love the left overs for that quick meal! Especially if it is packed with favorite foods.

Left Over Lunch Bento


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