Autographed Disney Photo Frame

If you read my blog you know we went to Disney recently to bow down to the Mouse of mouses and give him allot of money (LOL).  Don’t get me wrong the trip was worth every cent that my kiddos PT paid, for sure the memories are priceless! Especially the look on her face when she realized we were driving into Disneyworld….

There are allot of good sites out there to help you plan out a trip and make good decisions on things. On many of them Mommas posted on a great souvenir idea, an autographed photo frame. This is a great option instead of getting the autograph book (retails for $  ).  Yes it is bigger than a little book, but sooo many parents complained how after x amount of time the book sat on a shelf never to be looked up0n again. The reason for such regret in the purchase of the book is because it takes allot of work to get all those signatures!  You really spend a good portion of your trip hunting down characters and standing in LONG lines for certain ones, others you catch on the street are usually mobbed but not to terrible. 

I am so glad I did do this, I just made sure to have a good sized bag with me to tote around the park, witch worked out anyways to hold the snacks, bottles of water and whatever little items she HAD to have that day. The end result was a one of a kind gift that she really enjoys looking at.

Tip:  I did do things on this list but I should have done more so if I had to do it all over again this is what I would do…. 

1. keep photo frame in a nice plastic bag that can protect it from water spashes…

I kept mine in the original package and just unwrapped as I needed, this left areas signed vulnerable and thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride the corners got a little wet luckily not too bad. Unexpected water splashed EVERYWHERE at the park.

2. Bring 2 frames, one for princesses the other for the characters.

The reason for this is because by the time I got all the people to sign that we could find, the last few we had a hard time having them squeeze their signature in between all the rest on a fully signed frame! Plus then your kiddo could have one frame with a pic of  the Big Cheese Mickey and all those guys like Goofey, Pooh, Donald, etc. Then a separate picture of your kiddo with her favorite Princess and have a frame with all the princesses names PLUS Tink and the other fairy Rosetta, Peter Pan and the  Handsome Princes.  Who knew upon meeting Sleeping Beauty and Tink my daughter would turn into a Princess loving girl? Now I wish she had another frame to celebrate her new found interest.

3. Mark in pencil lines for characters to sign on and then TELL them which one to sign.

Some characters will take advantage of a blank canvass and give a big signature so be warned.  I luckily designated a space for Mickey so no one else would sign there. We also after getting 2 large signatures pointed on the frame to the area where we asked them to sign, that helped allot and they had no problem doing what we requested. We also only unwrapped the area in which to sign and kept others covered in the plastic to deter any unwanted spread of signatures. If we had used PENCIL to set up lines (to be erased when frame is full and ready to display) this would have helped so my kiddo could say “Please sign on this line”, instead of “can you sign here”  pointing to a cramped space in between others. 

4. Have your own sharpie for the autograph.

Besides the princesses the characters are wearing gloves so have a nice size thick bodies (can be fine point) marker like a sharpie. I have even had to put it in their glove to help out and direct them where to sign.

4. Take extra pics with character.

Dont really on just the Disney photographer, it helps to have them take pics when you can but they charge aprox $15 online for the pics they take! So let them take some but make sure to take a few of your own! This is your kiddos moment with the character so make it worth it, heck you waited long enough in line for it! 

5. Take a picture of the Disney photo card you get from the photogs at Disney!

You will be thanking me if somehow it gets misplaced! Make sure its not blurry too!! The one I took was -luckily I had my card!

Momma Says: Planning is worth its weight in gold when going to Disney. Also pay to have as many lunches, breakfast or dinner with cast. You get one on one with them and it is the best money spent there.  Bonus the food is really good too!


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