The Lorax Bento

Took my kiddo to see Dr Seuss movie “The Lorax”, so my bento is I know late for his Birthday that just past but at least I got one in honor of this wonderful children’s book writers.  I will review movie for Friday, so check back.

For The Lorax Bento I tried my hand at painting cheese with food coloring, it was tricky to use but I at least got the image I wanted somewhat I think…

The Lorax truffula trees and the  Ba-ba-loot bear peeking around them were painted onto cheese, they are on top of a turkey and cheese (GF) sandwich. Next compartment I put some cool green cauliflower, purple potatoes, a big strawberry on top of more yellow potatoes, some raspberries on a pick, and a cutie orange with a pick.

This is alot of food today so I told my kiddo whatever you dont eat at lunch, finish at 2nd snack time.

Tip: There are allot of recipes out there on how to make edible paints and I found it easy to just add a few drops food color (gel works best but I also used the liquid) with a drop of lemon extract. Many sites say to use vodka but seriously I am not putting vodka in the paint for her lunch even if it may evaporate- still wont do it… on the bear to make it a bit more tempera style and not so watercolor like I added a bit of powder sugar tiny amount just to give a ever so slight opaque look. I had to do the trees in coats (2) letting it dry in between so colors do not run. Vary the amount of food color in the mix to see what works best for you use. Remember you can layer to get a nice color too, just be careful you don’t want them to have blue or green fingers and lips…

Momma Says: Stamping or painting food with food color can be allot of fun, plus what kiddo doesn’t like a colored tongue?

The Lorax Bento


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4 Responses
  1. Keeley says:

    LOL this is SO cute! great great job on the trees & bear! :)

    Also, love the tip on the food coloring.

    • says:

      Thanks Keeley, allways appreciate your comments, On I have read some use cream cheese mixed with food color, I am not too sure of that one but heck why not try anything.

  2. Lia Chen says:

    Cheese painting is cool! I love your colorful bento. Looks so cheerful and makes me happy to just see it (^.^)

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