Cute Sammi Bento

Cute Sammi Bento today, I have been craving peanut butter and jelly sammi so much cause of my dieting, not sure why, maybe just because I am not eating bread..

Well to at least lick peanut butter off the spoon, I made these PB & J sammis (GF Bread). I decorated the top with some cute flower sprinkles, then added a cherry tomato, beef roll into a rose with pea pod leaf, cup of berries with a heart pick, another meat flower, turkey cheese and tomato roll, pea pod, slivers of carrot.

It is pretty and colorful so my kiddo will like it I am sure. Plus she has it in her new tiger bowl from the dollar shop.  I should have made a tiger bento but oh well maybe tomorrow…


Momma Says: There are so many alternatives to regular peanut butter, SunButter is good (plus is 30% less fat than reg. PB) made from sunflower seeds so allergy conscience people can still eat those PB & J’s.  If allergies are not a problem try cashew butter or almond butter, So yummy! If your kiddo likes the sweetness add a little honey to those and they will enjoy it.

Cute Sammi Bento

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  1. fabulous bento! great colors and variety. :)

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