Cute Girly Bento

 Today I woke to another sunny and bright Colorado morning. I love that it is winter still but we get such sunny days!

So with thoughts of warm days I made this bento with a “flowery” girly feel to it. It is basically just adding some design to the cucumber with a flower imprint on it and a cutie orange peeled up to the top with some peel left on shaped into a flower and a sparkly pick added to the center, next is a container with freeze dried strawberries and other fruits, some raspberries tucked in open spots and a cherry tomato with a leaf pick, some purple grapes on the side of a leftover GF meatloaf sandwich on a Udi’s GF hot dog bun and toped off with a ladybug baran sheet.

Tip: to cut out shapes onto cucumber I used a small cutter and pressed just enough to pierce the skin, then took a knife and peeled away the inside of the cut out.  Similar to that I used a knife to cut a shape into the skin of the cutie orange then peeled up and around the cutout flower on the peel.

I almost have a rainbow of colors here in this bento!

Momma Says: Quick and easy add favorite foods decorated in shapes makes them fun to eat.

Cute Girly Bento

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  1. Keeley says:

    this is VERY cute :) love all the colors and great idea with the cucumber & orange peel flowers!

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