Bee Cute Bento

The sun must be coming up better here in the Rockies because the mornings are now so bright (yea I can take bento pics with no flash), Spring is around the corner. So to celebrate this I made a BEE CUTE BENTO for my kiddo for lunch today.

For this cute GF bento I used some mashed potato from my freezer stash, on top I made a quick egg sheet and cut out a bee added nori stripes and face, cheese for wings and eyeballs. (nori was curling from warm egg-arrgh) Next I put some baby corn and pea pods, sausage and egg daisy flowers, egg sheet flower, cheese “sticks”, some orange slices all on top of a bit of broccoli slaw.

This bento was really a scrounge of my stash and left over things I could put together. I really need to go shopping.  this bento used the last of my food. Once again I was glad I had those mashed potato along with the baby carrots from my freezer stash.

I tried to keep all her food kinda on the soft side since my kiddos braces are hurting her today, so all veg was also softened by blanching them in hot water then ice water. She LOVES mashed potato so she will be happy for sure today.

Momma Says: Easy prepping and storage can help cut some corners and help when creativity and supplies are low. So try to save a little here and there from meals so you can freeze for later.

Bee Cute Bento


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  1. Rebecca says:

    This is just adorable! I especially love the flowers.

    • says:

      Thanks Rebecca anything with sausage or hotdogs is allways a fave with my kiddo and it was not hard to do at all.

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